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Make Fried Lumpia Semarang ( Indonesian Spring rolls )

Spring rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers found in Southeast Asian and East Asian cuisine.  Spring rolls usually filled with sprout, egg, meat, vegetables or another seafod. Spring rolls in Indonesia known as lumpia from Semarang.

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Lumpia semarang taste is a sense of unity between the Chinese and Indonesia for the first time made ​​by one of the descendants of Chinese who married with Indonesia and settled in Semarang , Central Java. Its tasty and delicious suitable  is eaten anytime evenless in a state new deep fried and rain is secured on steady. The following is recipe to make Spring rolls. you can also make risoles

Indonesian Spring Rolls

The Materials for Spring rolls
10 Spring rolls skin sheets
2 red onion and garlic, chop grand
1 chicken breast, chope crude
1 table spoon of Margarine
1 carrot, cutsdice
1 onioan leaf bar shreds
3 table spoon of pepper
1 table spoon of maize, disolve meagerly water
Oil olive for fries

The method for making Spring rolls
  • First lumpia’s contens : heating margarine, then sauth the garlic until fragrance.
  • chicken flesh entry already been chapped crude with carrot, while is swirled until chicken issues boullion, pepper powder and salt.
  • Stirred up roled out, lift and drip.
  • Then taking one sheet lumpia’s skin. The Spring rolls contents already we make to put at its settle, fold and glues every its edge with maize disolve.
  • Fries with hot oil until yellow or brown. Lift and already  served for ten people. If you visit semarang do not forget to taste the cakes spring rolls or Lumpia. thanks and hopefully useful.
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Make Fried Lumpia Semarang ( Indonesian Spring rolls )
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